Symposium 2014 - Basque Country / Aquitaine

The last week I was at the University of Bordeaux, where it had been celebrated an eurorregional symposium between the Unibersity of Bordeaux and the University of the Basque Country. The Governments of both regions (Basque Country -Spain- and Aquitaine -France-) made an arrangement to develop relations between both universities, in order to create a common campus in the near future.

Mith the Dr. Pedro Miguel Etxenike (University of The Basque Country)

Members of the singing group of the Basque House of Bordeaux

Photograph taken from Sud Ouest diary
From left to righ: Inaki Goirizelaia (chancellor of the University of the Basque Country), Inigo Urkullu (president of the Basque Autonomous Region) and Alain Rousset (president of the French region of Aquitaine)

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